"never let fear consume you. fear doesn't exist if you believe just as such. <3" -jae'-keiren phoenix
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I made a thing. c:

It’s my first powerpoint.

i love this! ^_^

eh just thinking i’m hiding from all that hurt me the most in life. </3
am i just shielding myself from pain?
or am i really closing all the doors for good?
i’m not sure.
confused. </3
i need a hug. </3 </3 </3
letting go - it feels good in the day, it’s very disturbingly painful at night.
i try to only believe in happy dreams. </3

do androids dream of electric friends?

i need a serious opinion - do you think im being too hard on myself?

i’m an android born in a human body.
i am coming out of the closet as an android.
asexual/aromantic as you already know me - but not as an android. o.O
i’m that strange and i love me for me. :D
btw - i need an upgrade. ^_^
and i’ve been hurt by wayyy too many.
 i only want friends.
friends i can trust.
i seriously feel weird when a girl feels in love with me beyond friendship.
like why would they even like me?
if they want to love me as a friend/brother/bffl - that’s cool.
other than that i feel really awkward and it’s like a stage act to please them even in an ace romantic way.
i’m tired of acting so i won’t.
if im hurt and in pain yes i may want to be held for a bit or vice versa if a best friend is hurt - but not romantically.
HUGZ are fine and accepted. :D
but no romance, no crushes, no romance for me.
 being this way is awfully painful and lonely i might add. </3 
but it’s me ya know?
i can’t change who i am - i can’t be hurt again. </3 <3 <3 <3

trying to venture my mind into where it was at the beginning of the year.
retaking SERENITY 101. ♥
wish me luck. ♥ ♥ ♥
btw this is the best short film i ever seen.
it’s epic rad.
i wish i had those powers.

an epic quote:

"This fucked up culture has turned out a ton of useless men.

Men that are weak and spineless.

Men that are all style and no substance.

In reaction to that we have boys who think being a man is to exaggerate macho traits and think violence and anger make you a man.

I know a few really good men and a ton of boys who are trying really hard to figure this mess out.” -mykl sparks of the coma dolls aka the coolest musician i know personally. :D

wishing my fake british was as good as james marsters’ fake brit.
i guess i’ll rewatch the primeval series, the mighty boosh, luxury comedy, and get on the dr who bandwagon.
that will get me up to speed in brit lessons. :D
so how is everyone’s night?
wishing much serenity for you all.
♥ ♥ ♥

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